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Company Overview


Elreda Egyptian company for medical supplies group (KOUGER) is one of the largest medical trading companies in Egypt. It was established in 1988 and since then it has been well known for its huge experience and strength in the Egyptian market.
Elreda group has a wide range of products focused in the medical industry, as it is trading in the medical supplies industry with more than 800 products with capital worth more than $12 million.
As for the market share Elreda group (KOUGER) has around 36% of the total market. Elreda group is more focused in some product lines as it has around 80% of the gloves market share, 70% of the electrode market share & 60% of the IV cannula market share.

The main reason for Elreda development and success is thanks to the professional team who are always there to help 24/7. Elreda group has a big team which consists of 398 committed and passionate employees.


Euromed Our Partenership


Euromed is an Egyptian leading manufacturer, which offers a wide range of medical products established in 2002 and has considerably grown over the years. Euromed head office is located in Cairo, the business capital, in the industrial zone of Nasr City, which is considered by government institutions to be a reference center of industry in the state, covering an area of 2200m as class 100.000 clean room.


Our Partners

  • http://euromed.com.eg